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Cloud computing has set itself apart from traditional software development by providing companies and personal users with a number of unique benefits. Most obviously, cloud computing offers accessibility. In combination with unique mobility services, individuals can quickly and reliably access an almost unlimited amount of data from across the globe.

Moving over to cloud computing has a significant and positive influence on the way your company operates, however, it’s important that you choose the right developers to support you. Our use of agile practices ensures that your cloud solution comes packaged exactly as expected, with frequent iterations and feedback opportunities to help you reach your customization goals.

Cloud Support at Able

Moving over to cloud computing has a significant and positive influence on the way your company operates

  • Staying responsive to market trends and developments in Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud offerings.
  • Enhancing your applications to take full advantage of Cloud offerings.
  • Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) solutions.

Microsoft Platforms

microsoft technologies solutions

Microsoft .NET Framework represents a major step forward for Microsoft developers, encompassing many of the object-oriented design disciplines and managed code innovations that have become popular in business application development over the last decade. Able has established a special Microsoft .NET competency center to embrace forthcoming trends in Microsoft technologies, ensure early adoption, spread knowledge and promote best practices with Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft .NET Offshore Competency Center leverages this expertise to enable rapid, error free application development to solve specific business problem.


Able Microsoft .NET Competency Center expertise includes but not limited to:

  • Microsoft .NET Desktop and Web Application Development
  • Microsoft .NET Custom(Bespoke)Software Development
  • Microsoft .NET Pocket PC/Mobile Application Development
  • Microsoft.NET Application Maintenance and Enhancement
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Legacy Application Modernization or Migration to Microsoft .NET (VB 6 to VB .NET, ASP to ASP .NET)
  • Migration or Reengineering of legacy applications to Microsoft .NET (Delphi to C#, Cold Fusion to ASP.NET and C#)

Java Platforms

Able offers Java expertise in Web applications, Rich Internet Applications, Mobile Development and Online Games on every developmental layer. From software applications to RIA development, we produce scalable agile solutions to a diverse variety of companies as well as our long term partners. Our Java developers are trained in UI components, always considering the user and offering rich front-end interactivity. Other internet focused development they offer includes digital assets management, media distribution and web content management.

Able puts your travel company ahead and helps you create a strong travel and transportation website so that the customers feel inspired enough to immediately book the trip. We will create the best solution for you, regardless of the focus of your business. Reduce errors with our cross-platform that will give you management solutions and automatically update your marketing promotions for flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Java Application Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Corporate Intranet
  • CRM
  • ECM
  • Inventory management
  • Corporate Internet Portals
  • Casual games
  • E-Commerce
  • Social Networking solutions
  • Ads rotating networks
  • Online Media Streaming Solutions
  • Online Storage
  • Mobile clients
  • Mobile games


Able insurance portal services

Insurance companies today are faced with a unique challenge given the current economy. How to reduce the cost of their business processes while delivering and developing services that improve customer acquisition and retention? Success depends on a company’s ability to make its existing processes more productive by maximizing its current IT investments

Able has successfully executed projects in systems integration, customization and implementation of third party vendor applications, re-engineering, development, Web-enabling, and 24×7 production support and maintenance of legacy applications.


The Logistics & Transportation industry has heavily contributed in globalization and the reverse is equally true. Add a bow to your package by increasing efficiency and decreasing operating costs with our Logistics and transportation software development.

Able creates a customized tool that fits your business’ requirements, along with the Third Party Logistics Service Providers who come together with a customized management system of your business workflow. Improve your fleet management by building a customized technology tool for your business.

Open Source development

Open Source CRM

These days, consumers require responsive websites with optimal viewing capabilities and easy interaction experiences. A method of managing such websites is through Content Management Systems (CMS) which provide users with a collaborative environment for publishing and organising content. We provide our clients with a customised open source CMS which allow users to enjoy high quality end results.

We augment our services with an uncompromising commitment to quality and proven delivery methodologies. In addition, our offshore resourcing capabilities ensure that we deliver the best possible business value.

Benefits of using open source software:

Able Microsoft .NET Competency Center expertise includes but not limited to:

  • Cost savings typically range from 70% to 90% compared to a product developed from scratch, depending on the complexity of customization
  • Development time and cost reduced by over 50%
  • Software comes with rights to modify
  • Complete flexibility for meeting specific needs (not available with proprietary software)
  • Enhanced portability
  • Vendor neutrality
  • Availability of quick fixes and feature enhancements
  • Availability of large pool of talented developers at short notice
  • Current Status of most open source software development applications:
  • Result of collaborative effort of a group of people, often working on voluntary basis
  • Released on an “as-is” basis, without any guarantee on the quality of the software
  • Often addresses a particular domain’s functionality.
  • Often requires more than one open source software development application to be integrated and customized
  • No definitive source for obtaining the required technical support.

Mobile Technologies

Mobile applications have introduced new aspects to the application design and development process. Custom mobile solution provides users with access to real-time information anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Able Corporation, as a premier-software product development company, is fully committed in providing the best mobility services on a global scale. We have a proven track record of delivering world-class customized mobility services and solutions to Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) markets. We analyze, design, test and implement mobile applications helping businesses take advantages of the latest technologies and achieve business growth.

Our development expertise is in:
  • iOS application development
  • Android application development
  • BlackBerry application development
  • Windows Phone 7 application development

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