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School Management Software

School Management Software is a popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which integrates all data and processes of an educational institution into a unified system.

School Management System is a customized software product designed to manage the functions and working of school. A SMS system provides a single platform that integrates the functions of school management such as attendance record, fee record, students information, marks updation , exam scheduling, date sheet and time-table planning etc. online and on the GO.

Able School Management Software is a comprehensive School Information Management Software used by schools, colleges and other educational institutions to streamline their entire organization and functioning. It provides technology solutions for better education management, thereby leveraging IT for efficient management of academic institutions.


Product Development


  • Teacher Registration
  • Bio data with prior exp
  • Attendance
  • Leave Apply / Details
  • Teaching Time Table
  • Staff Forum
  • Payroll
  • Marks Entry
  • Student Search
  • Communication with parents
  • Library Access
  • Exam Schedule
  • Consolidated Student Reports
SaaS development


  • Secured internet Access
  • Student Bio Data
  • Attendance Report
  • Leave Apply / Details
  • Scheduled Holidays
  • Fees Details
  • Fees Payment (Optional)
  • Exam Details
  • Result Reports
  • Student Assessment Reports
  • Communication with Management
  • Consolidated Student Reports
Windows Phone Application Development


  • Student Search
  • Staff Search
  • Consolidated Stu / Staff Reports
  • HR Management
  • Pay Roll
  • Inventory
  • Accounts
  • Asset Management
  • Transport Management
  • Administrative Control
  • Labour Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Information Tracking System
Business Intelligence Application Development


  • Student Registration
  • Batch Wise / Class Wise Enrolment
  • Bio data with photo
  • Previous Achievements
  • Attendance Details
  • Leave Details
  • Time Table
  • Fees Details
  • Exam Schedules
  • Exam Marks & Results
  • Personal assessment
  • Library Access
  • Graphical Report

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