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Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP software is designed for Business process management of an enterprise which provides a system of integrated applications to manage the workflow of important elements of business

Able’s ERP is the most reliable ERP solution. It provides proven financial management and ERP that easily integrates with your broader sales and service processes.

The ERP system integrates the business processes such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources etc. into one system.

With this ERP solution, your business benefits from unparalleled transparency for everyone in your organization, from sales reps and finance managers to fulfillment specialists and executives. Everyone gains role-based real-time visibility into orders and invoice aging, as well as detailed status and history—allowing them to identify bottlenecks, reduce turnaround times and resolve customer queries with unprecedented speed.


  • Accelerate cash flow with an integrated quote-to-order-to-cash process across sales and finance
  • Drive sales by taking control of the quote and order process with integrated approvals, discounting policies, pricing and more
  • Monitor orders and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) with real-time dashboards and detail reports
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing self-service access to order and delivery information as well as payments
  • Reduce effort with automated creation of invoices based on payment terms and automation of complex billing processes such as recurring, time and project-based billing.

Key Features

  • Quote and Order Management
    • Eliminate quote and order errors with total quote-to-order-to-cash business process integration across sales, finance and fulfillment, as well as centralized management of all quotes and orders
    • Ensure that sales is quoting based on the latest pricing and discounting rules, and increase average order size by incorporating up sell management.
  • Billing Management and Invoicing
    • Get bills into customers’ hands sooner and accelerate cash flow by integrating the entire quote-to-order-to-bill process, which enables faster billing and greater billing accuracy
    • Eliminate the risk of error with centralized customer, order and invoice records shared across the business
    • Reduce DSO with real-time dashboards and detail reports that let you monitor orders
    • Automate invoicing as well as complex recurring, time and project-based billing.
  • Enable Customer Self Service
    • Differentiate yourself from your competition by providing your customers with complete self-service access to order and delivery status, as well as payment and demographic information
    • Increase the ease of doing business with your company by allowing customers to manage their bills and their payment information online
    • Reduce the customer-call burden on your staff.

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